The Importance of Being on Time

Appointments, appointments, appointments… In order to keep up with everything in life and not fall behind, almost everyone has their life on a calendar. Being able to schedule appointments makes things a lot easier. Appointment setting has many benefits for both the clients and the service providers. Here are some benefits of appointment setting:

1. It allows both parties to plan accordingly

2. It saves the client and the staff time

3. It reduces the wait time for the client

4. It is more cost effective

Sometimes appointments can get tricky. Occasionally, things happen that can cause a client to be late,

which is totally understandable, but that does not always mean there is time available to reschedule that appointment in the same day. From the client’s perspective, it’s simply, “OK, I’m here now. Let’s get started,” not realizing that one late appointment can cause the entire day to be off schedule, and cause other clients and staff to be late for future appointments or other obligations. Therefore, we have implemented a “no-shows and excessive tardiness” fee.

These fees pay for the appointment missed and the inconvenience of the excessive tardiness. When there are fees in place for late and missed appointments, it makes the customer more mindful and more likely to give the service provider a heads up to let them know of any unexpected changes, or to reschedule for a later time. Consideration goes a long way, and most providers will work with their customers the best they can. So, remember to

be considerate and respectful of the service provider’s time. Your appointment slot is reserved just for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are scheduling your next appointment:

1. Double check your schedule to be sure that the time you have chosen will not conflict with any other appointments you may have.

2. Make sure you are clear on how long your appointment is expected to last, so you can plan accordingly.

3. Give as much advance notice as possible if you do need to reschedule an appointment. As a service provider, we are here to serve YOU and to be of assistance the best they can. Our main objective is to service our clients, not turn them away or charge them late fees, but unfortunately that is all part of the business. So, let’s work together to keep everyone happy and serviced!

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