How to Deal with Tangles

It’s hard to give in to your child’s desire to grow long hair; I get it. There’s the washing, the styling, the blow drying and most of all… THE TANGLES! Be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that you have to take time after bath to sort out tangles, all of our kids would have long locs.

The painful tears, chasing them around the house with a brush, who has time for that? My rule is when you’re old enough to take care of it yourself (and are actually doing it) then you are old enough to grow it out! Although still time consuming, there are some ways to ease the tangle madness. Here’s a few:

  1. Use Conditioner!

Conditioner is very important for the moisture of your child’s hair. In lots of cases the hair is tangled because it is dry. As a child stylist, one of the most frequent mistakes I hear parents make is they wash their child’s hair without conditioning after. Shampoo not only removes dirt and dandruff, it also removes some the natural oils made by your hair and scalp, leaving the hair dry and hard to manage. Conditioner helps replenish those oils. Some good brands are Original Sprouts and Fair Tales, both sold at The Kids Salon. Tip: Always use a rinse out conditioner after washing, not a leave in

  1. Keep Ends Trimmed!

Get rid of those frayed ends! Damaged ends will always tangle. I repeat, DAMAGED ENDS WILL ALWAYS TANGLE! It’s simple… Keep up with regular trims every 6-8 weeks. This is not just a myth. Healthy hair starts with healthy ends.

  1. Don’t Go to Bed with Wet Hair!

When your child goes to bed with wet hair, however they sleep on their hair is exactly how it is going to be when they wake up in the morning… a wild, tangled mess! Try to dry and brush your child’s hair before bed. It makes all the difference in the morning.

  1. Brush Hair PROPERLY!

Many times, kids will come into the salon with a head full of tangles. The first thing mom/dad will say is, “We brushed it this morning, I promise.” But did you brush it ‘properly’ is the question. In most cases, just the top layer of hair is brushed, leaving the middle and underneath layers untouched. To assure you are brushing all the hairs and getting rid of all the tangles put the hair into a ponytail within your hands and start brushing from the bottom of the ponytail working your way up. You also want to flip the ponytail over, so you can detangle the underneath layer. Keep repeating this until the hair is tangle free.

Tip: Add a little leave in conditioner to the hair before brushing.

Following these tips will for sure help decrease the number of tangles in your child’s hair. And hey, you might give in to their wishes, and let them grow it out!

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