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Lice is life! Okay maybe not, but if you have small children you may definitely come face to face with lice at least once in your life. Lice, also known as pediculosis, are tiny insects that fed on human blood. Therefore, they can only be transferred from human to human. Pets or animals can not contract or spread lice. There are all kinds of myths about lice. The most common myth is that you are unclean or unkept if you contract lice. The fact is, lice are attracted to all hair types whether clean or dirty. The most common way to contract lice is by sharing items such as brushes, scarves, hat, helmets, blankets, hairbows, car seats, and pillows. Although lice can be treated, the treatment is very tedious and time consuming. It is much easier to take some preventative measures and stop lice before it starts! Here are some helpful tips to keep lice out of your life!

1. If you have daughters, pull their hair back into a ponytail or a braid as much as possible. Especially when around other children. Adding a little hairspray won’t hurt. This will make it difficult for lice to penetrate the hair.

2. Use a lice preventative DAILY. Lice preventatives contain natural oils such as tea tree oil that help repel lice. Spray your child’s hair daily with these products for the best results. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel is a great lice preventative. You can find it at The Kids Salon.

3. Talk to your kids about sharing hair tools such as brushes and hair accessories with friends, classmates, even siblings. If you have sons or kids in sports that require a helmet, make sure they have their own and are not sharing with other children.

4. Do weekly lice checks at home. After washing would be the best time to do this. Lice and their eggs are easier to see when the hair is wet. Start behind the ears and work your way up toward the crown. If you are not sure what they look like, there are videos on YouTube, and pictures on the Center for Disease Control(CDC) official site.

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