3 Hair Care Products To Absolutely Love!

Quality hair products are a must!... Yes, even for kids. Think about it this way, in order to maintain clothing made of fine or delicate fabrics you have to invest in special care for that garment. You may even take it to the dry cleaners where they use special products and processes to clean your garment without harming it. Well, that same special care is needed for your child’s hair. Mind blowing?... I know.

In my 10 years in the children’s hair salon industry, I have heard parents praise a really low quality shampoo and conditioner they use on their child’s hair but when I get them into my chair, their child’s hair feels like straw. Let’s be clear, no child’s hair should feel like straw (no matter the texture). If your child’s hair is dry and brittle look into changing the moisturizer you are using. Here is a list of 3 of my favorite everyday hair care products for kids.

1. Original Sprout Leave-in Conditioner- What I love most about this product is that it is works well on ALL hair type. It leaves the hair feeling smooth, soft, and healthy. It is a great detangler too. They use all natural ingredients, so every parent can have peace of mind knowing the ingredients are clean.

2. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repellent Conditioning Spray- Talk about a two for one! Not only does this p

roduct work as a great conditioning spray/detangler, it keeps lice away. Yes I said it... LICE. My head is itching just thinking about it. But use this repellent and you can rest assure that those creatures will stay far away from your child’s hair. Did I mention they use all natural ingredients? This is why I love this stuff!

3. Original Sprout Natural Curl Calmer- From wavy to super coily hair textures, this product is a winner. I work with an array of textures and let me tell you this product is a lifesaver. It leaves even the coarsest hair glossy and silky soft. It helps strengthen & protect against breakage with jojoba protein without a crunchy or sticky finish. The best part is it safe for babies. The ingredients are clean and natural.

I hope list helps with finding the right everyday hair care product for your child’s hair.

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