What's New At The Kids Salon in 2018

It never fails, during the holiday season, I get Christmas cards from family and friends. We all do, right? The ones that really impress me are those that include a letter highlighting their year. I have to admit, I don't send Christmas cards let alone write a letter highlighting my year. Everyone tells me, Andrea, when you have kids that will magically change (wishful thinking I guess). However, my business partner, Jewel, and I did take some time after the busy holiday season, to reflect on 2017 at The Kids Salon. And wow what a year! It was a jam-packed, busy and exciting roller-coaster of a year. And we have our amazing clients to thank for that. So, thank you amazing clients!

Then, I start thinking about 2018. I challenged us with the question, "How can we make 2018 even better?". We brainstormed, imagined, dreamed and wrote down all the things we thought we could start, improve and enhance at The Kids Salon in 2018. I love doing this kind of activity because I am passionate about The Kids Salon and only want to make it better for our cool little clients and their parents. After tons of analyzing data, eliminating and adding ideas, going back to the drawing board, ah ha moments, and joking and laughing, we finalized our list of changes for The Kids Salon. So, here's what's new at The Kid Salon in 2018.

New Digs:

The Kids Salon is moving!... down the hall. We are moving to a new and slightly bigger space inside Salons by JC. I repeat, still inside Salons by JC. The best part of the new space is that we are located on our own hallway which provides a little more privacy in the shared space. With the additional square footage, we will have more waiting chairs. We also thought since we are going into a new space, we will refresh the decor. I won't give away the ending but be ready to feast your eyes on a more sprightly decor. We will be moving in February. More details to come.

New Website:

After two years of having our old faithful website, I thought it could use a makeover. There was nothing terribly wrong with it but like I said before, I want to make The Kids Salon even better. Being that I am the IT department for The Kids Salon, I would be doing all the website updates. I totally forgot how involved and time-consuming designing a website can be. But I am glad I forgot because If I remembered, I wouldn't have committed to totally re-designing our website. But the pain and agony have passed and we have a brand new site that is going to go live in February! Whoot Whoot!

New Appointment System:

Updating our appointment system was a must for a laundry list of reasons that I won't get into. We did a lot of research to find an appointment system that has features that catered to all our needs as well as our client's needs. We found that Booker Salon and Spa Management Software has everything we need to help us better serve our clients. The new system will go live in February as well.

New Haircut Names:

You guessed it! We named the most requested kids haircuts after games and included pictures for reference on our new website and in a lookbook inside the salon. We used names like Subway Surfer and Miss Mary Mack Stack Bob. Subway Surfer is a longer layered boy haircut and well Miss Mary Mack Stack Bob is self-explanatory. So now you can come to The Kids Salon with confidence and say "I want the Subway Surfer for my little boy, please". This is coming February as well.

New Haircut Value Package:

The Kids Salon is offering a haircut package for a limited time in February. When you purchase a TKS Village Haircut Package, you get 11 haircuts for the price of 9. That's 2 FREE haircuts. This package is ideal for anyone who gets their kid(s) hair cut regularly. We keep track of your package, so you don't have worry about losing it or adding more stuff to your wallet. Purchase in-store or online coming in February.

New IPad Apps:

That's right we have new apps! Whether our client is 1 or 14 years old, we have plenty of apps that keep them entertained and asking to come back to The Kids Salon. We have educational, sports, lego games as well as kids tv shows.

We are looking forward to a shiny new year for The Kids Salon! Happy 2018!



Co-Owner of The Kids Salon

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